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In recent years, auditing becomes a rapidly growing profession with parallel to the economical improvements in Turkey. And the candidates who want to exist in that rapidly growing audit sector should have to learn basic and current information about profession.

AS/Nexia Turkey manages with respect to the corporate management procedures and rules to serve the needs of the leading companies in Turkey by giving audit, tax consulting and financial advisory services. Due to continuing development, AS/Nexia Turkey evaluates the candidates who are well educated and the ones who feel success is an absolutely necessary and the ones aware of continuous learning and reading the audit materials and our company prefers to choose the ones who mainly objected to the auditing profession as a career, we added this chapter for the candidates who chose this profession.
To perform this profession of auditing, tax and independent audit branches it is necessary for an investigating spirit and a team work of harmonious persons.
The main rule of the profession is to check the contemporary changes in financial legislation, international professional standards and financial reporting standards and it make current all their information.

Here are some  qualifications of a prospective candidate below.
. Working closely with the audit team
. Believing the necessity of development and education all life time
. Possessing strong interpersonal and communication skills
. Having Leadership, management and organizational skills
. Having an university degree in Economics and Business Administration or to own a license certificate required
. To speak at least one language
. To have Military service completed for male candidates

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