Corporate Finance

The difference-making Corporate Financing approach of AS/Nexia Turkey is based on working together with the customers as a part of their team. The collaboration starting at the stage of setting up of the businesses of the customers is maintained during the business development and expansion periods in line with the Strategic Financial Consultancy services.
Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Consultancy
In addition to the long-term services, we offer our customers Merger and Acquisition Consultancy services using the Nexia International network, national and international investor base and knowledge. The customers are provided with the strategic consultancy services they need in Formation of Acquisition Strategy, Company Valuation, Due-Diligence, Sector and Competitor Analysis, Tax Consultancy issuesrelated to Merger and Acquisition operations in a simple and easily-understandable way.
Determination of Target Companies, Management of the Merger Process
We carry out sector and company research on behalf of the customers for Determination of Target Companies by playing active role in generation of organic and inorganic growth strategies (based on acquisition) during the business process of customers. In addition to this, we help our customers take the necessary measures to ensure that they incur minimum level of problems in Management of the Merger Process.
Project Financing
Some customers prefer growing through capacity increases or investments instead of growing by means of acquisitions. At this stage, we play active role in appropriate structuring of their Project Financing requirements to respond to the characteristics of the investments they make. The customers enjoy the advantage of being global in using cost-effective credits from the banks and finance institutions. We carry out all the proceedings starting from negotiating the credit documentation with the relevant finance institutions on behalf of the customers until completion of all the procedures.
Risk Management
The requirements of the customers change when they expand and improve their businesses. Expansion of the business creates a need for establishment of an effective Risk Management. We support our customers in creating a sound, long-term work environment for Preparation of Risk Maps and development of methods for Protection Against Risks for the purposes of detecting the financial and operational risks that may be incurred by the customers in the course of their business cycles.
Company Value Management
The product range of the Corporate Financing service is determined by the requirements of the customers. The fundamental purpose of AS/Nexia is to work together with the customers to develop methods to Maximize the Company Value, and AS/Nexia uses its international knowledge and experience to work with its customers to appoint company partners from among the financial investors as minority or majority shareholders (private equity) in formation of the optimal capital structure of the company.

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