Full Certification

Corporate Tax, Income Tax or Full Certification services are certification services that financial statements and declaration of natural or legal persons or their operations are investigated compliance with accounting procedures and standarts and in accordance with audit standarts. The general purpose of the services is that the public interest principle is fulfilled by detecting Corporate Tax payable or Income Tax payable.
Full certification service allows to be decreased a possible tax audit risk besides to be detected and corrected misimplementations before it occurs. Also this makes a contribution to tax planning and tax costs are minimized. Therefore our audit and full certification services provide significant benefits that laws are implemented correctly and allow operations to be utilized ideally from right and tax advantages.
Addition to full certification service, AS/Nexia Turkey renders certified public account services below.
  • The certification of annually Corporate Tax Return and Income Tax Return along with their annexes (Full Certification),
  • Value Added Tax Return and Its Certification Process,
  • Other certification services,
  • Detection of Investment Allowance Amount,
  • STRCT (Scientific and Technological Research Councilof Turkey) “Certified Public Accountant R&D Expenditures Evaulation Report”,
  • Certification of Capital Increase of Institutions,
  • Detection Procedures of Capital Payment,
  • Investigation and Certification of Adding Internal Resources  to Capital,
  • Certification of Withholding Return,
  • Certification of Exemption Income,
  • Certification of Existence of Required Conditions for Tax Exemptions in Foundations and Protection of These Conditions,
  • Private Consumption Tax Return and Offset Procedures,
  • Merger, Division and Transfer Procedures,
  • Other Authorized Certification Procedures of Certified Public Accountant.


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