Outsourcing / Muhasebe

Outsourcing is a notion which is able to be defined as “Usage of external source”. In business management, it is a method which allows firms to focus their business responsibilities by transferring businesses to professional companies specialized in specific business fields that are out of their area of activity.
With this practice, firms are able to increase their productivity of work to higher levels by providing saving of cost and time thus firms are able to increase their profitabilities. Therefore many firms choose outsourcing services in order to focus their core businesses and get a qualified service for subjects out of their core businesses under today’s economic conditions which are changed service mentality link to developing technology. Outsourcing provides firms oppurtinities to contrate on their core businesses and obtain more power of competing in their sectors by reducing particularly personnel and communication costs and on other many subjects.

AS/Nexia Turkey renders outsourcing service to firms in order to reduce costs, potential risks, provide time saving and increase quality of main services.




- Accounting Services.

​- Payrolling Services.


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