Russian Federation Services

AS/Nexia Turkey Moscow Office provides financial consultancy, auditing and accounting services for leading Turkish Companies operating in Russian Federation for almost 15 years with its staff reaching 30 in number. The team specializes in providing high quality audit, tax and financial consulting services to its clients.

Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of each of our clients, whether they are private individuals, or corporate.

Contact information of our Moscow Office is as below;



Managing Partner - CPA
Tezelman Cem

Partner - CPA
Özsüt Tuğrul

Managing Partner - CPA
Kakovkina Tatayana Vladimirovna
Economic and Administrative Sciences Assistant Professor

Consultancy Services Manager
Kobzar Andrey


T&T Consulting L.L.C.
Audit Partners L.L.C.

Boshoy Ovchinnikovskiy per. 16.
Torgoviy Centre Arcadia. Ofis No. 419




Phone + 00 74955102882
Fax + 00 74955102883
GSM + 00 79168112214
E- Mail
Contact Cem Tezelman


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