Human Resources

In modern companies, high performance can be provided with the utilization of the company’s all sources effectively. Total success; besides rational utilization of sources like financial capital and technological infrastructure, is provided with implementation of human resouces which are compatible with intense competition. In the last periods, the success in human resources field is considered more critical compared to others and it reveals itself with concrete indicators.

Based on this, in paralel with the needs of companies, in addition to auditing on different subjects and consultancy services of AS/Nexia Turkey with its expert personnel for the superior companies all across the country; under the main headings of Performance Management, Evaluation and Development Center Studies, Talent Management, Wage Management, Organization Management and Career Advisory, provides Project based services in the fields of Human Resources.


Services in Human Resources Field:


Performance Management: Besides the pursuit of performance of individual business objectives reduced from department objectives that compatible with the organization’s principal purposes and objectives; is a planned performance management system which is provided by improvement of competency-based objectives which is a combination of knowledge, skill and behaviour. Working integratedly with other human resources systems such as Talent Management and Wage Management, the design, configuration and implementation of the system is provided for the interested firms.


Evaluation and Development Center Studies: A system that observes the individual competencies of the applicants during the recruitment process or current watched empleyees as part of talent management, which is performed, evaluated, given feedback and reported with objective means and because of effectively utilization in planning of current employee’s training, the service is provided in this field for the interested companies.


Talent Management: System of talent management; which consists of sub-headings such as talent description specific to the organization, determination of talents, evaluation of talents, creation and pursuit of development plans and the protection of talents , supports the firms that want to work on this subject.


Wage Management: Within the scope of total wage package approach which is consisted of fixed and variable wages, the wage management is being designed and maintained with job evaluation, creation of wage scale, planning of the components apart from fixed wages, general and sector based comparisons and the preparation of exclusive packages for senior studies.


Organization Management: For the sake of sector structuring of corporations, the change in core business fields or building a competitive power, the organization managements are also important. The studies in hand within the scope of change management might cause radical changes in organization structure inside the corporation. For this reason, when it comes to the reorganization of the labor force, it is being supported in the way that administrative, communication and career guidance advisory.


In brief, the principal purpose of human resources of AS/Nexia Turkey is to provide fast, need-oriented, flexible and establishing an open communication services which is supported by the best human resources tools in order to provide a perfect human resources for the customers.

In this context, in accordance with expanding business volume, we aspired to provide service to the firms that want to improve their human resources or want to have more professional and competitive organization.

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