Tax Compliance

The most important problem for the taxpayer regarding the understanding and application of the Turkish Tax System is the very complicated structure of the laws with no application unity. As a result, there are many interpretations and application misunderstandings occur between tax direction and the taxpayers and the result is extra tax payments and punishments.

The different approaches of tax payer and board of tax directors for the evaluations and application ways of tax generally results in dispute case. In order to solve these kinds of disagreements, it is so important to make use of experts in order not to have an extra tax burden during agreement period.
The tax misunderstandings and their solving ways are the subject of specialists. AS/Nexia Turkey with specialist staff are offering consulting services for application for adjudication, investigating the kind of misunderstanding, solutions for resolving the misunderstanding in the frame of tax laws, to sue, preparing the application of the defense petition.
In this scope, we provide consultancy services about the subjects below;
  • Consulting services for tax study,
  • Evaluation of decision for agreement or trial between the parts,
  • Consulting services in case of agreement,
  • Consulting services in case of tax disputes,
  • Consulting services in preparations of formal request for tax trials,
  • Consulting services in tax and revenue rulings , and analyzing and interpreting and their results,

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